Flexible Dieting

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We know you’ve tried other diets from Atkins to Paleo and Keto to Southbeach, and are over it.
We found a better way!

Find your ideal ratio of proteins, carbs & fats for maximum weight loss.

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The first step is to get your custom macro map. Use our free macro calculator and we’ll send you the exact macronutrient requirements for your specific goals. We’ll customize the right ratio of carbs, fats, and proteins needed for you to successfully lose weight or build muscle.

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100% custom macro plan created by FlexED coaches

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Turbocharge weight loss while still eating the foods you love. Get your macros set up by a Flexible Dieting coach!

  • 100% Customized Macros
  • Step by Step Action Plan
  • The “After Diet” Meal Plan
  • Scale & Food Label Survival Guide
  • How to structure meals for beginners
  • Macronutrient Secrets Revealed
  • Cardio Made Easy Training

Flexible Dieting

Enjoy the foods you love and still get the results you want.

Flexible dieting is about being flexible. There’s no need to give up your favorite foods; instead, learn how to incorporate them into your daily macros. Trust us, we love ice cream as much as the next person. Our certified and experienced macronutrient coaches will teach you the right way to hit your macros, tips to stay consistent, and they’ll keep you accountable.

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Flexible Dieting is all about enjoying the foods you love and still getting the results you want.

Eat your favorite foods and still lose weight. It’s as simple as that. This isn’t a get-slim-quick scheme. It’s a lifestyle change that works for shedding unwanted pounds. Lose fat eating the foods you want, even the junk food! Our macronutrient coaching has empowered people just like you to get the results they’ve always wanted. Our coaches provide you with the necessary knowledge, keep you consistent, and hold you accountable.

We’ll help you lose fat or build muscle with healthy food choices that make sense for your lifestyle. Even ice cream isn’t off-limits if it fits your macros. You’ll learn whether everyday meals fit your macros (IIFYM), how to make the right food choices at your favorite restaurant, and the keys to building meal plans that taste great a deliver the results you want.

Get started with our Free Macro Calculator

3 Steps to Flexible Dieting



Forget generalities! Flexible dieting is about your specific macro plan. We customize a macro plan that’s unique to you and your goals. You have the power to make decisions about the foods and activities that are right for you.



Sticking to the plan has given flexible dieters just like you a 100% success rate. Whether you’re here to lose fat or build muscle, others have done it and so can you! Missed a day? We’ve all done it. Get back on track and keep going. That’s how you succeed!



The flexible dieting lifestyle can be challenging at first and we know that counting macros can be difficult. That’s why we send reminders and check-ins to keep you on track. You will succeed at your weight loss and fitness goals and we’ll be there to help.

Find your ideal ratio of proteins, carbs & fats for maximum weight loss.
Get Started with our Free Macro Calculator

Who's behind Flexible Dieting?

Two Experienced Coaches

Once we discovered the life-changing power of flexible dieting we knew we had to share it with the world. Regardless of your learning style, we’ve found a proven way to teach you how to balance proper nutrition with a winning mindset. Our proven system gives you the tools and knowledge to be successful in health and fitness.

Tyler Mayer Profile Picture
Tyler Mayer

Tyler has been changing lives with flexible dieting for nearly a decade. He’s consistently helped clients achieve their self-transformation goals and enjoys celebrating achievements and victories throughout their fitness journeys.

Lee Ann Thompson Profile Picture
Lee Ann Thompson

Lee Ann is a certified personal trainer whose passion for macro coaching developed over the course of more than 10 years. Her experience has helped people reach their individual fitness goals in a flexible way that makes sense for them and their llifestyle.

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