No matter the holiday season – whether you’re bracing yourself for Christmas or the 4th of July – we all know it: there’s going to be food and LOTS of it.

Every holiday seems to be a notorious belt busting, diet wrecking occasion…..but they don’t have to be!

With the proper mindset and perspective, you can stay on track during any holiday.

Keep reading to learn some of the easiest to follow tips and tricks that won’t let you down even when there’s an all you can eat holiday buffet! 

Instead of missing out on all the fun – after all, there’s only so much time you can reasonably spend hiding in the bathroom – let us help you learn to balance your plate and stay moderate.

With the Flexible Dieting approach, the fear of overeating at a party won’t hold you back from having a good time.

You’ll have all the tools to enjoy some food, enjoy the occasion and stay on track without the guilt. 😉

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Let’s get to some tips……

1) Don’t venture out unprepared for the holiday

Launching into your office party and hoping for the best might be one sure recipe for disaster – there’s only so much willpower you can have once you see everyone attacking the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Instead, come up with a reasonable plan of action and stick with it at all times – before, during, and after the holiday season!

We recommend you plan on eating roughly 20% less calories during the day but refrain from cutting your protein goals – leave those intact as they will help you control hunger.

*that means that even if you attack the buffet table at some point, your attack won’t cause massive destruction to your diet*

Also, you may be tempted on giving up on your exercise routine but skipping even one workout may backfire in more ways than one.

Stick to whatever routine you’ve set up for yourself – don’t skip the gym but also, don’t punish yourself with hours of cardio for eating a few extra grams of carbs.

While you’re at the event, watch out for the food you’ll be eating and don’t shy away on using a tracking app – the app will let you know if you’ve ventured out into dangerous lands!

2) Chug down that water

Yes, we know you know it’s important to stay hydrated. But at larger family events or during the colder months, you’d be surprised how often you may end up getting carried away and not drinking enough water!

If you know you’ll be attending several events for let’s say, the upcoming week, then do wat-ever – pun intended – it takes to stay hydrated at all times.

You can use remainder apps on your phone or simply keep a bottle close to you at all times to remember to drink more water.

Water won’t only keep your appetite under control but it’ll also prevent any fluid retention in your body from all the different holiday food which most of the time, is sodium-fueled.

You can learn more about sodium and the way it can affect you over here.

Holiday eating with friends

3) Mingle with people, not with food

Chances are, you’re probably heading to the party to socialize – not because you need to eat, right? Mingle more with people and focus more on that part, not on the food part.

Don’t give in to the temptation and fill your plate with every possible food from the table-focus on the occasion, not the food.

When the time comes to pick, pile your plate with all the good stuff – think foods rich in fiber that will keep you full for longer.

Sure, go and treat yourself to a thing or two you absolutely can’t resist but other than that, stick to whatever diet plan you’ve set for yourself.

Besides, ultimate holiday recipes can be enjoyed all the time throughout the year, so don’t think of them as forbidden – that makes you want them even more!

BONUS TIP: Okay, so maybe you’re going to your aunt’s party for her chocolate cake alone – but if you know you’ll give in to her cake, then plan your meals accordingly for the day.

That way, your macros will still hit whatever target you’ve set and you won’t feel as guilty.

4) Balance the booze

Okay, so now you finally got the main temptation – food – out of the way but what happens when everyone around you is drinking and water isn’t their drink of choice? *gulp*

The thing with alcohol is that it’s full of calories but offer you zero real value when it comes to satisfying your hunger.

Actually, quite the contrary often happens – you develop an appetite so strong, you feel like devouring the whole table and the people around the table!

On top of that, blowing your macros with alcohol is very easy – before you know it, you’ve already had more than enough for the week, let alone evening!

In order not to break your diet, drink moderately – opt for clear alcohols that don’t have as many calories in them.

Another great idea would be to drink water and alcohol at the same time – that way, you won’t overdo the alcohol and you won’t get a nasty hangover the next day.

5) Get right back on track even if you mess up

So the party got a bit wilder than you expected and one thing leads to the other and… next thing you know, you’re stuffing yourself with the third serving of your aunt’s chocolate cake!

You completely and fully messed it up – now what?

Well, let’s just say life happens – don’t beat yourself up! Instead, focus your energy on getting back on track with your healthy lifestyle, which means you won’t be overeating and definitely not undereating!

There won’t be any good if you punish yourself with hours of cardio as well.

Remember, the flexible dieting approach is all about moderation and extremes – to both ends – usually backfire in more ways than one.

Awesome – I’m ready to celebrate in style!

Remember, holidays – no matter the season – are all about spending time with family and friends, not overeating. Instead of bonding over food, do something different this year and bond over things that matter! 

If you’re following the if it fits your macros dieting, then you already know you won’t have to skip any of your favorite dishes – as long as you can fit them in your macros for the day.

Check out our super-easy macro calculator that will allow you to stay right on track with your diet throughout the holidays!

Do you have any advice when it comes to surviving the holiday season without blowing your diet?

If that’s the case, leave us a comment – we’d be thrilled to hear how our readers are going mentally strong at all times!

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