Is Sugar Bad for You?

Is Sugar Bad for You? If you’ve been trying to lose some weight for a while now, you’re probably being told to cut sugar and carbs out of your meals at least three times per day – and five times on an average Saturday. However, while it’s true that you’ll need to do some adjustments… Read more »

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Solving the Big Mystery: What’s the Deal With Fiber?

Alright What’s the Deal With Fiber? Do you sometimes have the feeling that the word fiber is following you around? It’s become one of those dieting buzzwords – everywhere you turn your head, someone’s talking about it.  On top of that, you may be tempted to freak out if someone told you that “you’re not… Read more »

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What’s the deal with sodium?

So what is the big deal with sodium?  Imagine this: You’re at this dinner party with some wonderful people, the open bar is the greatest thing ever and the food tastes amazing… though the steak could use some salt. You reach out for the salt but suddenly, you feel red-handed. Someone starts talking about sodium… Read more »

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