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What’s the deal with sodium?

So what is the big deal with sodium?  Imagine this: You’re at this dinner party with some wonderful people, the open bar is the greatest thing ever and the food tastes amazing… though the steak could use some salt. You reach out for the salt but suddenly, you feel red-handed. Someone starts talking about sodium… Read more »

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What Is A Keto Diet?

Chances are, you’ve been hearing the word keto quite a lot lately – running away from carbs has never been more in style. However, even though it’s true that the keto lifestyle has its fair share of fans, you’ve probably asked yourself at least once – what is a keto diet, really? And are carbs… Read more »

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Does Meal Timing Matter?

Many people find it impossible to fit three meals in their schedule – and should we even mention snacks? In fact, when was the last time you ate a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one day? – and no, a chai latte to go isn’t a proper breakfast. Let’s dig into meal timing and… Read more »

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Full Day Of Eating With IIFYM

IIFYM Full Day Eating Being a macro coach, a big question I always get is what a what an IIFYM Full Day Eating looks like. Most of the time clients are always wanting to know what a typical day of eating looks like for me. So I thought I would share what that looks like!… Read more »

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Reverse Dieting Explained

What Is Reverse Dieting? Reverse dieting has been tossed around pretty loosely the past few years but yet not everyone knows the exact extent of it. I explain what it exactly is and the process of it as follows: What Reverse Dieting Is Why It’s Important Post Diet How To Transition Into The Reverse With… Read more »

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How Do You Know If You Have An Eating Disorder?

Do you want to know what coaches talk about behind the scenes? We talk about the issues that plague ourselves and our clients and keep us from our best. Sometimes the best things captured on film are unplanned and unrehearsed, so here’s some raw perspective on eating disorders and how our concept of our “self”… Read more »

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