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Reduce Food Waste

This topic is short and sweet and to the point: reduce food waste! It’s such a pain when you’ve gone to the store, stocked up on all the goodies, then 1/3 of your food goes bad before you even get a chance to eat it. In fact, about 150,000 tons of food is thrown away… Read more »

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Budget Grocery List: Macros On A Budget

When it comes to dieting, eating healthier, or trying to put on lean mass, it’s important that your budget grocery list matches your goals! It’s so satisfying reaching your health and fitness goals and extra satisfying when you reach them without breaking the bank. We went around some of the grocery stores in our area… Read more »

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Healthy Breakfast Recipe – Almond Flour Banana Muffins

If you need a good on-the-go healthy breakfast recipe to satisfy that sweet tooth, this might be the ticket! These Almond Flour Banana Muffins are gluten free, high protein, and low carb. This recipe is easy to customize and will satisfy your morning sweet tooth! What You Need Tools Muffin Tin Baking Spray Toothpick Spatula… Read more »

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Step-by-Step Meal Prep

Need to meal prep but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve been doing this for a while and you just need to get back to basics. Then this is the place for you! Fail to plan, plan to fail. These words could not be more true when it comes to meal prep. If… Read more »

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Macro Hack Recipe – No Bake Protein Bites

This is an easy go-to recipe that everyone can use, and customize to their own macros and taste buds! Keep in mind, I made this recipe to be lower fat and lower carb. However, you can edit this recipe to have a higher calorie content depending on if you add in any other ingredients like… Read more »

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3 Crock Pot Recipes to Make Meal Prep Easier

We all need an easy meal prep recipe that us and our families will enjoy. The three recipes below not only make meal prep easy, but also are easy to customize! These three crock pot recipe hacks will make meal prep a breeze and keep you on track no matter what your schedule throws your… Read more »

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