Drink Alcohol and Burn Fat

Can You Drink Alcohol and Still Burn Fat?

Should you entirely avoid alcohol while trying to reach your fitness goals? With so much conflicting info about how to track alcohol, how many calories it has and whether to entirely avoid it, it can be overwhelming! We wanted to give you some solid facts about alcohol and how to track it so you can

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Lose Weight During The Holidays

5 Simple Tips to Stay on Track with Your Diet During the Holiday

No matter the holiday season – whether you’re bracing yourself for Christmas or the 4th of July – we all know it: there’s going to be food and LOTS of it. Every holiday seems to be a notorious belt busting, diet wrecking occasion…..but they don’t have to be! With the proper mindset and perspective, you

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The Importance of Fiber

Solving the Big Mystery: What’s the Deal With Fiber?

Alright What’s the Deal With Fiber? Do you sometimes have the feeling that the word fiber is following you around? It’s become one of those dieting buzzwords – everywhere you turn your head, someone’s talking about it.  On top of that, you may be tempted to freak out if someone told you that “you’re not

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The Truth About Sodium

What’s the deal with sodium?

So what is the big deal with sodium?  Imagine this: You’re at this dinner party with some wonderful people, the open bar is the greatest thing ever and the food tastes amazing… though the steak could use some salt. You reach out for the salt but suddenly, you feel red-handed. Someone starts talking about sodium

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What's the Keto diet?

What’s The Keto Diet?

Chances are, you’ve been hearing the word keto quite a lot lately – running away from carbs has never been more in style and keto weight loss is a trending topic. However, even though it’s true that keto weight loss has its fair share of fans, you’ve probably asked yourself at least once – what’s

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Truth About Meal Timing

Does Meal Timing Matter?

Many people find it impossible to fit three meals in their schedule – and should we even mention snacks? In fact, when was the last time you ate a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one day? – and no, a chai latte to go isn’t a proper breakfast. Let’s dig into meal timing and

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How Much Protein Do I Need?

How Much Protein Do I Need?

Protein is one of those things that has been overused and underused by many and one big question I always get is, “How Much Protein Do I Need?” The bodybuilding world seems to abuse it in some way, but then a lot of people just don’t eat enough of it. I’m going to talk a

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5 Ways To Stop Emotional Eating

5 Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

In A Rush? We’ll email it to you so you can read it later! First Name Email Address You have the best intentions of eating healthy, staying on your diet and “being good” around food, but the stress of life and all the emotions get in the way! If you’re ready to stop letting emotional

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Macro Diet Explained

Macro Diet Explained | Flexible Dieting or If It Fits Your Macros

In this video, I’m going to talk about the big question, what is flexible dieting? This whole flexible dieting thing really took off when social media came about more aggressively the last few years, and if you probably heard of flexible dieting, you’ve probably heard of macros or the acronym IIFYM, which is “If it

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