Eating disorders are more common in our society than you might think.

Do you want to know what coaches talk about behind the scenes?

We talk about the issues that plague ourselves and our clients and keep us from our best.

Sometimes the best things captured on film are unplanned and unrehearsed, so here’s some raw perspective on eating disorders and how our concept of our “self” can hold us back from success.

Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia are one of the harsh realities of the fitness industry and society in general.

In a society filled with ever increasing demands on how one should look on the outside, without little regard for the inside, proper mindset is imperative for balance.

Check out what we shared about ourselves and our own experiences with eating disorders. You’ll also get to see how this life experience is key when helping clients identify and break through what’s holding them back from their goals.

With the help of Flexible Dieting, we believe that everyone can find balance with eating, their mindset and having the body they want! Stay tuned for more lessons from our Flexible Dieting coaches.

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