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How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

How to GET motivated So you want to get healthy? You want to lose weight? You want to look better in a swimsuit? That’s awesome!!! Finding the willpower to lose weight or get motivated to workout and eat healthy is actually the easiest part of the whole process. You may find motivation in one of

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Handling the Holidays: Enjoy the Season and Stay On Track

The holiday season often means food, family, drinks, and starting the New Year off with the ‘I need to lose the holiday weight’ resolution. But what if you didn’t gain the holiday weight at all? Is it possible? The answer: YES! Let’s first introduce some hard hitting truths: You still need to exercise. You still

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Does Flexible Dieting Work If You’re A Vegan or Vegetarian?

Does Flexible Dieting Work If You’re A Vegan or Vegetarian? As macro coaches, a common question we hear is, “Can I do flexible dieting if I’m a vegan?” And the short answer to that questions is, yes. Flexible dieting as a vegan is possible and a great option. Flexible dieting can be used in conjunction

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