Since the beginning of time scales have played an unquestionable roll in the development of civilization.

I bet grandmas homemade sweet apple pie was made with a food scale.

How else would all the ingredients come together proportionately to provided endless flavor and happiness?

However, in this blog, we are discussing body weight scales regarding your weight loss progress.

Scales are meant to help progress, not hinder it.

Learn the reasons behind the swings on the scale plus what they mean and what you can do to prevent tipping.

Swings On The Scale & Why


Prescription pain medication, supplements, and water can cause tremendous swings on the scale.

Water weight is inevitable for the consumption of water is crucial to survival yet it does cause tipping on the scale.

Don’t fret, water weight is natural and does fluctuate depending on water intake.

Prescription pain medication can potentially cause constipation and a increase in weight.


Doing everything right and still not seeing results?

Fortunately for your peace of mind this is common and natural. Soreness can increase the weight on a scale, as muscles start to form and grow they expand.

This expansion causes inflammation and can be a misrepresentation of true progress.

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Theres a number of reasons you might be suffering from constipation, the list is a never ending list.

A high increase in fiber can cause constipation and lead to irregular digestion, the lack of consistent bowel movements can portray a lack of improvement on the scale.

Once food is broken down, it’s just extra weight waiting to be discarded with regular digestion.


Everything in this world is considered neutral until it’s given a real meaning.

The same holds true when it comes to the scale.

You might think it’s one thing while someone else might think it’s something completely different.

Voicing beliefs your beliefs holds power when used towards a positive belief system.

Don’t let the results of your scale compromise your journey and abruptly bring your efforts to an end.

By tracking improvements through various apps, tools, and resources you can determine a more accurate result.


more data can give insight and question previous improvements to really define success.

Sole dependence on a scales result is the leading cause of discouragement.

Track goals with a measuring tape, body composition, and pictures for a side by side comparison.

Never give up and always stay dedicated and don’t forget to believe in yourself.

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