Lee Ann Thompson is the Co-Founder of FlexibleDieting.com, a professional nutrition and posing coach at TNT, and a NASM CPT.

Previously a police officer, Lee Ann chose to leave the force and be a full time mom when her son was born. When she decided to enter her first show, Lee Ann was lucky enough to fall into the expert hands of Tyler Mayer who introduced her to flexible dieting. Having overcome an eating disorder in college, she saw the true balance, freedom and sustainability behind this dieting approach. Lee Ann loved being a stay at home mom, but after experiencing the competitive arena first hand and seeing the lack of balance in many competitors lives, she jumped at the chance to both work at TNT and spread Flexible Dieting like wildfire.

Lee Ann is a passionate coach that taps into her real world experience to solve problems and lead her clients to success. A lifetime of sports, including Pac 12 soccer at UC Berkeley and Semi Pro Tackle Football taught her that meeting small goals being is often the key to improvement. This focus on daily improvement, rather than perfection, is the hallmark of her coaching style. As a mom, Lee Ann knows the challenges of a busy schedule, family life, and the idea of not enough hours in the day. She also knows that these struggles can be overcome, and consistently helps each client become their best self both physically and emotionally.

Lee Ann loves to have fun, and takes pride in making the coaching process as painless as can be. Her diverse life experience makes her genuinely empathetic and relatable to everyone she meets. She has competed in bikini, figure and physique divisions, becoming a Figure Pro in the IFPA in 2015. She has competed on the NPC national stage in both Bikini and Figure, and continues to compete in the IFPA, WNBF, and NPC.