Snacks on Snacks!

Reaching for snacks can be something you do out of habit or necessity! These snacks can make or break your progress no matter what your health and fitness goals are. Unplanned snacks and temptations at home and work can derail progress. They can even turn into a full blown binge. Even untracked or forgotten bites of this and that can add up quick.

Snacks can be a great tool to reach your goals if they are used intentionally. Snacks can help satisfy cravings, keep you full in between meals, and get in calories when you are on-the-go and unable to eat a full meal. We’ve compiled a list of 10 great low-carbohydrate snack ideas that can work for any kind of diet!

#1: Celery and Powdered PB

  • Celery is low carbohydrate and crunchy snack.
  • Powdered peanut butter offers less carbs and fats than regular nut butters.
  • PSA – there are FLAVORED peanut butter powders! HELLOOOO, chocolate. YUM.

#2: Boiled Eggs & Berries

  • Boiled Eggs are cost effective and easy to cook in large batches. You can do the whole egg or just whites depending on your nutritional needs.
  • Berries are high in fiber and low in carbs per 100g. You can buy these fresh or frozen and thaw them out as needed!

#3: Puffed Rice/Kamut & Roasted Edamame/Chickpeas

  • Puffed Rice/Kamut are good options to satisfy the “crunchy” factor we crave!
  • Roasted Edamame helps keep protein intake up and add some extra crunch and flavor.

#4: Cottage Cheese & YOU CHOOSE

  • Cottage cheese be paired with a LOT of different things… fruit, veggies, honey, and salt & pepper are great options!
  • Cottage cheese is a cost effective snack depending on the store and what kind you buy (regular versus organic, store brand versus name brand). You can also get full fat or low fat depending on your own nutritional needs.

#5: Greek Yogurt & YOU CHOOSE

  • Like cottage cheese, Greek yogurt is a versatile snack! You can also use it to make low-calorie versions of ranch dips, sub it out for sour cream, and dressings.
  • This is also cost effective depending on the store and what kind you buy (regular versus organic, store brand versus name brand). You can get full fat or low fat or no fat depending on your own nutritional needs.

#6: Rice Cakes & YOU CHOOSE

  • Rice cakes can be paired with a LOT of different things. You can eat them solo, or pair them with jam, nut butters, honey, or tuna/chicken salad.
  • Rice cakes are cost effective and come in various sweet and savory flavors. Be sure to look at the nutrition label as some of the sweeter flavors are higher in calories than savory flavors, so choose wisely for your nutritional needs!

#7: Low Calorie Bread

  • Sara Lee 45 Cal Bread and Sugar Free or Reduced Sugar Jam is a low calorie twist on toast with jelly!
    This is a sweet and savory comfort food WITHOUT Breaking the carbohydrate bank.

#8: Crackers and Cheese

  • There are many options for low carb crackers! Rice crackers, or corn crackers – about 41 crackers for about 25 carbs. They are also GLUTEN FREE for those who have that dietary restriction!
  • Low Fat cheese like Laughing Cow Wedges make for easy on-the-go servings and help keep the overall calorie count down.

#9: Avocado Toast

  • Mix up some lemon juice, avocado, spread it on some 45 calorie toast (mentioned above) and sprinkle some sea salt on it! YUM!
  • For lower fat, mix ½ of the avocado with plain greek yogurt and lemon juice for an avocado spread with less fat/higher protein.

#10: Veggies and Hummus

  • Cucumbers, celery, peppers, oh my! Fibrous veggies are filling and you can have a lot of them for a small amount of calories
  • Various hummus brands are higher and lower in fats, so you can tailor this to your macro needs!

Pro Tips for Snacks

  • Don’t snack too close to your meal time – keep 3-4 hours between meals and snacks.
  • Pre-plan for snacks to prevent “on the go” choices that are higher in carbs and fats.
  • Identify where your normal cravings are, and structure your snacks to help you meet those cravings so you don’t feel deprived!
  • Build buying snacks into your grocery trips! Unless you have the willpower of a British Soldier at Buckingham Palace, you may not stand a chance to stay on track if you turn into a snack fiend!

Happy Snacking!

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