How Your Metabolism Can Make You Lose Weight Even When You Eat More

I know this might sound hard to believe, but it’s true. You can increase your metabolism, which will help you lose weight… Even as you eat MORE food.

Please do yourself a favor and read all the way through this...

If you do then you’ll understand some of the science behind your metabolism, why this works, and more importantly, HOW IT CAN WORK FOR YOU.

And don’t worry. I will make everything I discuss here clear for you, so you won’t need a PhD to understand this.

Your Metabolism Revealed

Do you remember hearing the word “Homeostasis” in school?

Basically it means “balance”. Your body is always trying to stay balanced in many different ways.


A person’s body temperature is balanced at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. During exercise or strenuous activity, your body temperature begins to rise. That’s when our amazing bodies begin to help...

As your body temperature reaches just 99 degrees, you’ll begin to sweat, releasing heat. During intense exercise, your body loses 85% of its heat just through sweating! You even release some heat through your breathing.

Imagine what would happen if your body temperature didn’t maintain this balance. At a body temperature of just 104 degrees, we are susceptible to a heat stroke. Heat exhaustion is less severe and more common, but most victims of a heat stroke die!

This is just a natural process that your body uses to keep itself balanced.

Your body even releases chemicals that make you shiver when your body temperature is too low, producing an amazing amount of body heat.

But there are processes to keep you balanced in all sorts of things... Calcium, blood pressure, pH levels, and so much more!


The point is that your body needs to maintain a balance to work properly, and it is extremely important.

But what does this have to do with losing weight?

Everything! You see, just like your body temperature is naturally balanced…


Your body has a process for balancing your weight.


Many people today, especially women, have turned to low calorie diets for long periods of time in an effort to lose weight.

This usually works at first… but soon the party ends and the weight stops coming off… or even worse, they begin to GAIN weight while eating the same amount of food.

When this happens, most begin to think their problem is with their genes, and they just weren’t lucky enough to be born with good ones… They’re cursed with slow metabolism and that’s something they just have to live with... But that’s the furthest thing from the truth!

So why does this happen so often?

Metabolic Suppression

Metabolism is how your body turns food into energy.


Your body NEEDS food to produce energy. If it doesn’t have enough food, it can also use stored fat to produce energy. But if it doesn’t have enough food or fat, you’ll die!

So, the reason you stop losing weight on low calorie diets because your body fears starvation.

On many of the common diets today, you don’t get enough calories from your food. Your body responds BY RETAINING FAT to protect itself from starvation.

Low calorie and especially low carb diets can make you retain fat at an extremely high rate.

You can, of course, continue to eat less even at this point… But as you continue to burn through that fat you are moving closer and closer to actual starvation.

At this point almost everyone gives in to the extreme hunger and they begin to binge eat on everything they can find.

That’s why these extreme diets are very bad for you. Not only do they damage your body depriving it of vital nutrients, but they are also not sustainable… You can’t diet like that for long and live a normal life.

This causes yo-yo dieting from extreme over under-eating to over-eating. Needless to say these fluctuations in weight, nutrition, hormones, and so much more is VERY HARD on your body.

And over time this lack of consistency slows down the metabolism. This is the natural process for it to follow since it doesn’t know if it is going to get much food tomorrow.

You see, your genes do not cause this. It’s all about your diet.

This process of slowing down your metabolism is called Metabolic Suppression, and that is the problem.

The Thermal Effect of Food


On the other hand, when you are properly nourished, your body doesn’t fear starvation and so it freely burns excess fat.

Obviously I’m not saying that if you eat a lot you’ll get skinny!

Let me show you how this works…

First, have you ever eaten a big plate of Mexican food (or whatever your thing is) and then noticed your stomach making noises and grumbling a little while later?

Of course you have…

Obviously, your body is digesting that food you ate. Did you ever think about the fact that your body is actually using energy to do that?

Just like exercise uses energy, so does digestion. In fact, so does every process your body manages, from breathing to your heart pumping blood.

The energy, or calories, that your body is burning through digestion is called Thermogensis, or the Thermal Effect of Food.

This is very important. And here’s why…


Your diet consists of a combination of proteins, carbs, and fats. These are called Macronutrients.


When you eat proteins, your body can use up to 30% of the calories just to digest that. Fats, in comparison, burn only about 3% during digestion.

So, eating 150 grams of protein after digestion is like eating 105 grams or about 400 calories.

Eat that same amount of fats and you are retaining over 1,300 calories! That’s over 3 times the calories!

So protein can be an enjoyable and pain-free part of your diet. Especially because it plays a key role in keeping you from feeling hungry.

But I’m not saying we need an all protein diet!

Fats are also important. They protect our organs and store energy. They also help your immune system, hormone production, and tons of other stuff. They are important and need to be consumed in moderation.

Now carbs can’t be ignored either. They are your body’s primary source of ENERGY. That’s why low carb diets make you tired and wreak havoc on your metabolism.

According to a Harvard study, 30 minutes of aerobic activity will burn about 260 calories for a 155 pound person.

With a proper combination of macros, however, you’ll burn twice that JUST BY EATING.

Not to mention the fact that your body will stop retaining fat and START BURNING FAT because you’ve found consistency in your diet...

And, on top of all of this, you’ll actually have energy!

That means you’ll feel much better… But also, if you want to incorporate exercise to burn more quickly…

You’ll naturally burn a lot more than you would when your body is fighting against you to retain its energy.

Do you see the picture?

A higher metabolism, more burning through digestion, and more energy to burn during exercise…

All of this adds up to burning 10-25% more calories EVERY day.

And if you can burn more, you can eat more… AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT!!!


Flexible Dieting

Flexible Dieting is all about making your metabolism work for you.


I hope this has really helped you to understand metabolism and how it can work FOR you instead of against you…

If you’ve used our macro calculator, you should now have your macros and know the right combination of proteins, carbs, and fat for you to start your journey.

But before you get started with your macros, let me try to help you just a little more…

I want to explain one last thing so that you can have sustained weight loss for the rest of your life!

That should be worth your time!

Metabolic Confusion

As I mentioned earlier, your body naturally adapts to changes you make to maintain a balance.

This will unfortunately result in some “plateaus” along the way.


You’ve probably heard of this with exercise. You have to create “muscle confusion” in order to continue to grow muscles and avoid plateaus. There are a variety of methods that body builders and others use to continue to increase muscle strength and size.

Now your goal may not be to increase strength, but the same concept applies to burning fat…

In order to get past these plateaus that are sure to come, you’ll need to learn some concepts… and when to properly apply them.

These methods will create “metabolic confusion” that will help you continue to burn fat all the way to your goal.

You’ll learn to adjust your macros and other mental and physical factors in order to continue to burn more and more fat and look your absolute best.

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