MyFitnessPal can be your best friend when preparing meals, especially in the form of a mixed dish, it can get a little tricky to keep your macros accounted for.

Should you cook everything separate?

What if you’re making a casserole, or chili?

What about a pie, or meatloaf?

Here’s 10 simple steps on how to track macro recipes on MyFitnessPal to help make cooking a little easier

First, if you aren’t familiar with MyFitnessPal, this video should help you get started.

**Directions are based off of mobile app for MyFitnessPal**

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Step One:

Select ‘Meals, Recipes, Foods’ tab under main menu drop down in your MyFitnessPal (MFP).


Step Two:

Select ‘Recipes’ and ‘Create A Recipe’ to begin your dish.


Step Three:

You have 2 options. You can either choose the website you found the recipe on and download the ingredient list or enter individual ingredients yourself. We prefer to enter ingredients manually for macro accuracy.


Step Four:

Name your dish, select the number for servings (this will change), and select the check mark in the top right corner of your screen.

myfitness pal

Step Five:

Use the ‘+’ sign to enter all your ingredients and the associated amounts used for the dish. If your product has a barcode, utilize the scanning feature to save time. Make sure to double check what the scanner registers against the product label for accuracy.

myfitness pal

Step Six:

When you have finished adding in all of your ingredients, select the check mark in the right upper corner. You’ll now be on your final page which will show a recap of the title and serving size. Choose ‘save’.


**Recipe displayed is for a Turkey Meatloaf**

Step Seven:

Weigh the casserole pan/pie pan/Tupperware/cooking pan- whatever your finished product will be kept it or used to weigh it in after it finishes cooking. Weigh that item in grams and take a note of that number.

Step Eight:

Cook your dish!

Step Nine:

When your dish is finished cooking, weigh the final product in grams. Now subtract the weight of the pan (see step 7) from the number you just got from your finished recipe. The number you are left with (in grams) is what you will enter as your ‘Servings’ (referred to in step 5) in MFP.

To edit your ‘Servings’ number- select the recipe under your ‘Recipes’ tab, followed by the pen in the upper right hand corner.

myfitness pal

Under ‘Servings’ enter in the number in grams you had left after subtracting your pan weight. This is the weight of all your ingredients combined and cooked. Select the check mark in the upper right hand corner to update and save.

myfitness pal

Step Ten:

Add the recipe as a meal. Select ‘Diary’, followed by ‘Add Food’, and choose the ‘Recipes’ tab. Choose the recipe you just made. Place your bowl/plate/etc that you will be eating out of on your scale with grams weight selected and tare your scale so ‘0’ is displayed.

Dish however much you want of your dish onto your plate. Whatever number is displayed in grams, enter that number for the number of servings **displayed as 80 in photo**.  As you change the number of servings (grams) you are going to eat, you’ll see your macros adjust accordingly underneath!

myfitness pal

And that’s all!! You don’t have to worry about trying to perfectly divide up the casserole or guess how much you made in relation to how much you’re eating.

Cooking for the whole family just became that much easier!

If you have any questions or would like to add anything, please feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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