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We believe that success is a team effort. 


Meet Your Flex Ed Coaches & Team

We could tell you that is comprised of a passionate group of nutrition coaches, but this is so much more than that.

This is our family and when you win, we win. We want to make your goals achievable. We do this by setting out a plan and supporting you to success. No matter what it takes or how you learn best, we want to see you thrive and learn what it means to have balance in nutrition and in mindset.

We believe your life will be made better when you have the tools and knowledge to be successful in fitness and health. We’ve uncovered a really special thing in flexible dieting. We can’t keep it to ourselves. We owe it to the world to share.

By teaching you our methods, coaches take the stress, the worry, the guilt, and the obsession out of reaching your weight loss goals. We’ll teach you day by day, week by week, and month by month until this becomes your way of life.

The approach we teach is sustainable and based in science and research. Flexible dieting is honest and it produces honest results... not just for athletes and bodybuilders… but for you and everyone you know.

We believe in our product, and we believe in our family of coaches and clients. That’s the thing with families, they just keep getting bigger and the feeling grows. There’s something special about watching people you care about succeed. That’s the feeling we live for.

Let us share it with you.

Tyler Mayer

Tyler Mayer is the founder of TNT & Co-Founder of and has been changing lives with flexible dieting for over 7 years. Those who have met Tyler and worked with him can attest to the fact that he is much more than a nutrition coach and entrepreneur. His life experience....

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Lee Ann Thompson

Lee Ann Thompson Co-Found of and is a nutrition and posing coach at TNT and a NASM CPT. A police officer, Lee Ann chose to leave the force and be a full time mom when her son was born. When she decided to enter her first show, Lee Ann was lucky enough to fall into...

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David Davis

Without knowing David, you might not guess that he has a huge love for weight training and fitness. Out of the gym, he’s a comic book and movie fanatic. He is from southern California but grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and he loves the outdoors. He’s been in the fitness community for about 9 years and....

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Get the knowledge to create lasting change. Our Flex Ed course gives you the tools to take control of your nutrition. Escape the limitations of fad diets forever. 

Step 2: Take Action

We'll lay out an interactive step by step plan to make your fitness goals a reality and give you the tools to sustain your results for life.

Step 3: Join The Flex Ed Movement offers the exclusive benefit of a supportive team and community. Get your questions answered and get the support you need to maintain your fitness goals. Be part of something big!

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