What’s up, guys? Alright, my hair is not as amazing today, but I just wanted to check in and talk about another topic.

But first I want to thank all of you for your support with me making these videos and I hope that they will help some of you and what I have learned can, you know, transfer to you and somehow help you with your goals.

But also thank you to Tyler who’s been trying to get me to make these videos for a really long time and I am just very reluctant because I actually do not like talking on camera at all. Somehow I can stand on stage in a sparkling bikini and no clothes, but this is terrifying.

So thank you all for your support. Today I wanted to talk about something that I realized has been key to my success throughout my life.

When I was young I didn’t really realize that it was happening, but it was indeed happening, and as I’ve gotten older and more present in what I’m trying to achieve and what I’m doing, I recognize how important it truly is.

And that is the importance of blocking out voices and blocking out too many voices in your head.

So that’s what I’m gonna talk about today is learning which voices to let in and learning which voices to block out.

So this has become increasingly difficult for people in today’s day and age with social media and just the media having such a profound impact on how we view the world, how we view each other, how we view ourselves. Especially for kids, it would be tough being a kid this day and age.

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Anyways, when I was young obviously we didn’t have all this and I actually did not have social media until about three or four years ago.

So this is kind of new to me, but I realized made me so successful when I was young and I translated kind of unknowingly as I’ve gotten older is blocking out voices out of my head. So that sounds weird.

But when you’re trying to reach any goal, the best most key thing you have and need to keep is momentum.

Once you lose momentum towards any goal, that is where you start second guessing yourself, start slowing down, losing confidence, etc, etc.

Now we are all kind of a reflection of what is around us. We don’t exist like alone, we are social creatures. So everything we’re letting into our head has some impact on us. We all like to think we’re strong and confident and whatever, we do have our own concept of self and what that means and what it is, but it’s constantly evolving and being shaped by those around us.

So blocking out voices around you that are not appropriate to your goals can be huge. Now when I was young and even into my adulthood as I was a police officer and things like that, I kind of had a built in system of that.

I was always really goal oriented, I played college soccer, I played tackle football, etc, etc with some success.

Throughout my life this team environment and just having people around me that are oriented towards the same goal and coaches and teachers and my parents and Eli who has been with me since I was 18 years old.

I’ve just had only these positive influences around me and inside my head. Once negative voices start getting into our head, we lose momentum. So everybody knows that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Now, if we are, here we are, we’re confident, we’re going towards our goal– Maybe this is a fitness goal and we’ve decided and set out a plan, “I’m gonna do this diet, “I’m gonna do this exercise,” and we’re headed towards it.

Now when we have different voices and different things via social media or the media or whatever, coming in we get slightly knocked off course. And we can really take a zig-zaggy path, which success always looks a little bit like that, but we are gonna be all over the map.

And when you let these voices in, some of them can be great but some of them can really detract from you goal because we need all of our positive energy to be moving in one direction.

And the more we’re letting voices in, a lot of times that’s the thing too, with social media these people don’t have a vested interest in us and we live in a day and age where everybody has a voice and everybody has an opinion.

And I don’t know about you, but growing up I certainly learned that opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one.

Some of them are cooler than others and some of them aren’t. But you’re always gonna look around, you’re gonna find an opinion, if you want, about what you’re doing.

And the more opinions you let in the less confident you sometimes become towards your goal and what it is that you believe.

You start kind of second guessing yourself and thinking, “Maybe they are right.” when reality is that if we just put our heads down and just go we’re so much more successful at what we do.

Tyler and I talk about that a lot with clients and stuff like that. Just letting the voices that are there on your team– Maybe you have friends around you, maybe they have a limited voice in other ways, but if you have a goal put your head down and only let those voices in that match with what you’re doing.

That’s the other thing I’ve seen across my life. Even as a cop, oh my goodness, people would get themselves in so much trouble, these were grown ups, because they have friends or just people around them and voices in their head that don’t belong there and they forget that they have the option to cut off these voices.

They can come in, but we don’t need to let them into the space in our brain that is trying to accomplish something.

That self-assuredness and that confidence is gonna help you reach your goals. So if you have friends around you, or even family, that are not conducive to what it is that you’re trying to do, or social media.

For heaven sakes, if I am not in line with your values or your belief system or whatever, switch me off. We all have that opportunity. And if somebody does not have a vested interest in you getting better, you can’t rely on their opinion as something that is gold.

That’s the thing, everybody has a voice now. So be careful, the voices you let inside your head, make sure those around you that are given consideration as to opinions and things like that, are ones that are looking out for you.

When you find those people that are looking out for you, you better hold them near and dear because they’re the ones that are gonna push you to succeed time and time again.

That’s kind of what I have, thank you very much for watching again and for just being encouraging to me doing this because it is quite a task. I would rather, you know, run into a burning building and where people are firing guns and/or get tackled by some monstrous line backer or stand on a stage in a sparkling bikini than do this.

So thank you guys for your support and please let me know, share this if it is helpful, maybe, to somebody else and let me know if there are topics you want me to talk about. I would love to help in any way I can, so I will talk to you guys later and thanks again.

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