Tyler Mayer is the founder of TNT and Co-Founder of FlexibleDieting.com, and has been changing lives with flexible dieting for over 7 years. Those who have met and worked with him can attest to the fact that he is much more than a nutrition coach and entrepreneur. His life experience and passion for sharing something that changed his life personally is what originally drove him to found TNT, and his genuine love for seeing others succeed is what brought and continues to bring him true success.

Tyler is in the business of making people’s lives better and balanced from the inside out with a coaching style that brings out the best in everyone. His selflessness and drive to help others be successful is what sets TNT apart. Now his desire is to change the health and fitness world for the better and he won’t stop until that mission is complete.

While most recently a successful IFPA and WNBF Natural Pro Bodybuilder as well as a nationally qualified powerlifter in the USAPL and USPA, Tyler has always been a lifelong athlete. His varied success is what allows him to take others to the next level in their own journey whether that’s a stage on a powerlifting platform or in the most important measure of life: living fully capable, fulfilled days.

Tyler is backed and certified by Dr. Joe Klemczewski and the Diet Doc, and is a Team K Peaking Director. He also has over 10 years of experience in the medical field which has strengthened his ability and understanding in disease-based nutrition. He has worked with hundred of individuals with various backgrounds, from those seeking general weight loss to competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters, endurance and jiu jitsu athletes. Tyler takes pride in all their achievements no matter the scale and constantly challenges those around him to be their best every day.